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(Yesterdays Post posting it late)

Ok so not much happened only one of them has evolved today, due to an issue that happened yesterday that I will get into in a minute. Sam evolved into a Piroriroritchi. I love those tamas xD. I don’t feel like posting stats now so I’m not going to right now I will later, Maybe when Krissy evolves, I will do it. Anyways I wonder if Sam and Krissy has anything to say?
Sam: I do!
Krissy: So do I!
Ok cool. I really should tell the audience about why you haven’t evolved yet Krissy.
Krissy: Ok Go ahead.
Sam: My battery died, and he didn’t want one to be older than the other so he pushed the restart button on krissy so we would be the same age.
-_- Yeah I didn’t know it saved right when the battery died. So then Sam got older than Krissy. I have been keeping her up later so she will grow more but it will take a while. Maybe tonight I will stay up late with her on so she can stay up.
Krissy: Sounds good :)
Sam: OH! Will you be playing Pokemon Conquest!
Yup. I need to train my people so I can beat Nene. It pisses me off with her your naughty. I’m like shut the heck up lol. I got so close too last time. that darn spiritbomb caused issues though. My normal type pokemon couldn’t attack him, I had two of those, My Psychic Pokemon could not attack him, I had two of those, and My Prinplup and Ryperior were poisoned. That darn Spiritbomb sat on the last darn flag, for the rest of the remaining turns. I need to train my Sandile or something so I can beat him. Maybe I’ll train my Drilbur instead he knows dig.
Sam: Can I stay up and watch too!
Sam what would be the point of that? I am trying to make krissy be the same age as you…
Sam: Oh lol sorry not paying attention can I watch then sometime before that?
Sounds good. You know what I might do also?
Sam: What?
I might just put you too bed early like umm 7 hours early since that is how much older than Krissy you are so you wil all be the same age by tomorrow.
Sam: Better put me to bed now then…
Krissy: YEY we will be the same age finally.
Yup will do anyways bye guys.
Krissy: Bye
Sam: Bye
Edit: Sam and Krissy both evolved into the same things a Piroriroritchi. Lol they look alike now. No stats Tonight But I will post them tomorrow. Ok bye. 

Tumblr Edit: I really don’t know why I even post these its not like I have any followers.

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