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9th Tamagotchi Celebration log.

Ok I accidentally confused the dates and started my V3’s early so Here I am logging early! Anywho I started up my v3’s and the result was one baby girl and one baby boy. Unfortunately I had to

restart the tama due to the parent not leaving last night(Which I found odd) and I really wanted to take part in the v3 hatch so I uhh I reset it. It was only on generation one anyways loool. SO I started my New v3 as well as my old one. My new one I just clicked download the last generation went all the way to 7G’s so I decided to keep that one there. Can’t let 7 generations go to waste.So Now I have a two a baby boy and a baby girl. The girl’s name is Krissy she is a child right now, and the boy’s name is Sam I didn’t name him btw, but I like the name. Anyways I took pics as anyone should do in a celebratory log. Now here will be stats, and pics :D . Btw if you could leave feedback on my log I would really love that, you know just to make sure people actually read it. Also if you want to you can PM me tips on how to make my log better. I seriously would love both of those things. :D Ok I seriously need to get to the stats now.
Hungry: full
Happy: full
Training: 1 point
Age: 0
Weight:10 lbs
Generation: 7G
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Posted Image
Hungry: 2 out of 4
Happy: 3 out of 4
Training: 1 point
Age: 0
Weight: 10lbs
Generation: 1G
Posted Image
Posted Image
Ok I need to feed and work on Krissy will do that as soon as I’m done logging.
Krissy: Hello TamaTalk, Tumblr. Matt won’t this be posted at both places?
Umm Yes it will that is why I am adding your name in front cuz on Tumblr you can’t add colors to your posts.
Sam: I knew it.
Krissy: Oh ok cool. This is weird, I have never been online before.
Sam: You better get used to it your whole life will be logged online.
Krissy: Wow.. thats weird.
Yes yes it is. I would die if my whole life was logged… which is why I don’t keep a journal or diary or whatever.
Sam: Uh huh okay can we talk about Hetalia instead.
Krissy: I like hetalia but I don’t think we should talk about that now.
You have only seen one episode of Hetalia you barely know anyone!
Sam: Ptchh Still that doesn’t mean we cant talk about it
Not now. Guess what!
Sam: Chicken Butt! You know why…
Krissy: Your so immature! You know why cuz your butts dry yeah yeah yeah.

**mumbles to himself “I was just gonna say that we are having a nice lovely dinner later tonight while watching hetalia and maybe even eating scones”**
Sam: Shup up Krissy! I was just Joking around!
Ok calm down. xD really.
Krissy: **Throws an apple at Sam**
Sam: **Throws England’s scone at Krissy**
Krissy: EWWW! It’s Petrified couch stuffing!
LOL! No that is the twats scones it was a recipe passed down from his “mumzy”?
Krissy: o.o that is a scone…
Sam: I thought it was petrified couch stuffing too… that’s why I threw it
Ok Now I should go before I get a call from Funimation saying “Hey your ripping us off in your log” Whuut! anyways bye guys.
Sam: Bye Tamatalk/Tumblr
Krissy: Adios Tamatalk and Tumblr see you tomorrow. **Throws Englands scone back at Sam**
Hey! stop fighting… What am I gonna do with you two, Anyways bye guys.
Edit: I had to edit this because I got so distracted with Sam, and Krissy’s banter I forgot to add the pictures xD
Krissy: That’s because Sam is annoying!
Sam: NU UH! Krissy you are annoying because I’m rubber and your glue anything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.
Krissy: Where did you find that comeback the 80’s
CUT IT OUT! Seriously stop fighting Pictures now I added some under the stats log for them. one as a baby then one as a child I will add the pictures I took of the together under this.
Posted Image
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