xxKuchi's Log
Okay bye

Sorry for not posting in a while :( I have been busy. Last night Kiki left me with a wonderful baby boy I named Adam after the lead singer in one of my favorite bands(Maroon 5). I skipped school today because Wednesday is our last day and I don’t have any homework this week. So I will be able to care for him full time now. I hope Kiki is doing the Yes Dance in Heaven with Pasta. Anyways Adam is fine he is a Kuchitamatchi. And as far as Abbigail goes nothing to report. Married to a Tarakotchi(I wish it was Feliks) No baby yet but shes expecting. She has not told me she is pregers yet but I can tell because she has a baby bump. Yep thats it sorry for no updating in a few days No pics today.

Adam:Hello! I am Adam

Yes this is adam. anyways we really need to go


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