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Log Post #3

Pretty much no news for today. The only news I have is Kiki related. Sorry I didn’t post till almost midnight I have been really busy today. Also before I continue with my Log I have one thing for Bandai. I sent them an email they never responded so I will let out some of my silent anger with this a meme.

Ughh! It has been down for days now and Bandai hasn’t answered my email. Fak you Bandai! I love your products but hate your company! So now time for statuses.



Sex: Female

Weight: 25 lbs

Age: 5 years

Hungry and Happy are full

Stress: 04

Generation: 1G

All the stats are maxed out at 999

Type of music: Hip Hop

Money: 20,474,670


Hip Hop Music

Rank: Still 1st

Fans: It dropped alot 199,688,374

Daniel (KuroMametchi) Piano

Dino: (Robotchi) Wild Guitar

Kiki: (Mimitchi) Karaoke Machine

Married: No

She got two Marrige proposals today one was from a Tarakotchi and the other was from a Togetchi… Kiki said no to both! Idk why.

Kiki: I told you they weren’t my type!

Yeah right someone is really into Daniel!

Kiki: I AM NOT!!!

Abby: You are….

Ok Now for Abby’s stats


Weight: 20lbs

Age: 3

Generation: 2G

Hungry and Happy are at both 4 out of 5 hearts full.

Training hasn’t changed

Friendship is still full

Character: Kunoitchi

Abby: Kiki what is up Both of them were Lovely guys I would have married both of them why did you not marry them?

Kiki: I told you they are not my type

Abby: Strong Handsome family men who are rich and love you for you are not your type?

Kiki: No it’s not those things…

It’s the fact they are not Daniel! Kiki Just Ask him out already Get on with your life!

Kiki: IT’S NOT THAT, and also He should ask me out I am the Lady.

Abby: You know both of your band member like you. Daniel is not the type of guy to go after a girl his friend likes. Unless he is sure that the girl likes him back.

Wow how smart of you to notice Abby was that just an observation!

Abby: Yup.

Well it is correct Kiki you know she is right remember that snobby girl in your class. I believe her name was Marcell, Remember her. Daniel and her always had an unwritten thing but then Dino revealed to Daniel he liked her and Daniel dropped everything until Marcell came up to him and told him she liked him.

Kiki: Dino Doesn’t like me! He doesn’t like anybody, he just likes playing the field. Also is that why the two stopped talking for at least a month.

Yes I had to fix things by saying they had always liked each other those two I said there was always an unwritten rule between them, and Dino realized he just stumbled across the wrong person. Anyways I would be damned if Daniel didn’t know he likes you! Tell him Dino will understand unfortunately Dino seems to stumble across these situations.

Kiki: I cannot say that cuz I do not like him

Abby: TELL HIM!?! I bet if you say nothing Dino will ask and not Daniel. At that point Daniel might never even ask! Maybe he learned his lesson from last time Tell him if you love him. Another thing you need to admit it to us.

Kiki: I can not admit to that I do not like him.

Oh save it for later anyways we should let the audience go

Kiki: Awbye!

Abby: awbye!

Bye guys

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