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Log Post #2

Hello Fellow Tumblers!

   How are all of you today! Good, I hope, Anyways I do have some news today weird News… Ok so Abby evolved/grew into something you’d never believe I was shocked when I saw. A Kunoitchi No pictures I took one but it came out really bad. So here is a picture of one on Wiki.

A kunoitchi See she is like a female Gozarutchi! I still don’t understand why she turned into this as she is a HORRIBLE care character! WHY!?!? I never get bad care character her mom was a Lovelitchi. A LOVELITCHI! The Perfect Care character! Anyways Kiki is still Kiki. I am thinking about changing Kiki into a Dazzilitchi girl. Probably not gonna happen though TamaTown is down AGAIN! It always goes down -_- . Anyways Stats now.



Age: 4 years

Weight: 25 lbs

Sex: Female

Stress: 20 (Will work on getting that down later)

Hungry: 4 out of 4 full

Happy:4 out of 4 full

All stats maxed out at 999

Music: Pop Music

Money: $10,500,000 Points!


Daniel: Piano (KuroMametchi)

Dino: Wild Guitar (Robotchi)

Kiki: Karaoke Machine (Mimitchi)

Rank: First!!!

Fans: 223,946,205 fans!

Kiki: Oh Yeah I am Rich and Famous! Kinda like Brook! Brook, if your reading this, we should go on TamaTown later when it is working again and meet. We can hang out now cuz we are both Very Rich and Very Famous!

Settle Down Kiki it could all go away one day. Remember where you came from.

Kiki: Ok :(


Age: 2 years

Weight: 20lbs

Generation: 2G

Hungry and happy full at 5 out of 5 hearts full

Training: 11

Friendship: full 6 out of 6 hearts

Character: Kunoitchi

Ok now it is Time for the Banter!

Kiki: Hello All of you **puts on Rich and Famous Face**

Abby: i don’t like Kiki all that much anymore ever since she got rich and famous she changed….

I know right I don’t either. Kiki seriously cut it out!

Kiki: As a very wise tama once said “Don’t Question the rich and famous” By Brook

Oh NOO! Did she just quote Brook?!?

Abby: I think she did…. Kiki Snap out of it

Oh no she caught the Rich and Famous Disease it makes them act like they are better than everybody else… There is only one cure!

China I choose you! use Wok Attack! **Smacks Kiki with a Wok**

**Kiki passes out**

Sorry Kiki I love you! Anyways She will be fine tomorrow she will have a bump and not know why but she will be back to normal.

Abby: That’s good.

Yeah so now Kiki is gone…

Abby: Thats Ok Lets go on TamaTown!

I thought I told you Oh well. It isn’t working, It closed down again.

Abby: But… I want to put on some awesome clothes…

Sorry Abbigail You are gonna have to wait.

Abby: Aww Ok. What About Hetalia?

Ok sure Anyways we should let them Go bye!

Abby: bye!

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