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Log Post #1 (Music star and Tamago)

Hello tumblr. This is my first log post! I hope you guys like it. Anyways, Kiki My music star is now super famous! She has a first rank musical performance and about 103 million+ fans. So proud xDDD. My tamago also turned into Mikazukitchi, Which is an Ok care character. Normally I get good care characters but I kinda neglected her as a baby. She isn’t at the weight I’d like her to be at(I like to keep them at there base weight). Anyways Oh well this one has a moon head. Pic below:

MikazukitchiSee aw how awesome is she! Sorry for no actual pictures I have a report due so I had school today and then a report due so I had to do that which means no log time -_- . It also means I neglect my tamas more but that is irrelevant. Now Time for there stats( will give you an old picture of kiki).

Abby: (Tamago)

Sex: Female

Age:1 Year old

Weight:35 lbs (10 lbs overweight)

Generation: 2G

Hungry: 5 out of 5 hearts full

Happy: 3 out of 5 hearts full

Training: about 12

Friendship: full 6 out of 6 hearts full

Character: Mikazukitchi (Ok care character)

Kiki:(music star)


Sex: 4 years old

Weight: 25lbs(0 lbs overweight)

Hungry: 4 out of 4 hearts full

Happy:4 out of 4 hearts full

Stress: 08

All stats maxed out(AKA tone, rythem, original, Maxed out at 999)

Music Played: Pop Music (Thank Gawd! she used to play Latin music. Nothing wrong with Latin music I just wanted her to play something else)

Character: Mimitchi (Good care character)

Generation: 1G


Name: Flakers (Inside Joke only Tamachat friends and my best friend irl get it)


Kiki (Mimitchi) ~ Lead Singer

Daniel (KuroMametchi) ~ Plays the Piano

Dino (Robotchi) ~ Plays the Wild Guitar

Rank: 1st!

Fans:103,628,277 (used to be like 603 million but it dropped ,oddly enough, after our last concert)

I think daniel likes her. I saw though it ever since he was a kikitchi!

Kiki: Yeah, right we are Just friends!

Uh huh sure. Just like all my female tamas they all fall in love with a Kuro mametchi. Abby’s mom wanted to marry one. She went on a date with him according to her it was awesome but it never worked out… wonder why. Anyways Abby was totally drooling over that Monpatchi at the park the other day.

Abby: YOU WATCHED ME AT THE PARK! I am 1 years old I am not 0 anymore or a child you do not have to baby me anymore!

You are still a teenager I need to watch out for you otherwise you will end up a bad care character, doing drugs or something or having a baby as a teen

Kiki: aww the teenager stages… I was a good teenager, Right Matt.

Yup you were awesome. Not defiant, understanding You know what! special dinner tonight for you!

Kiki: Yes! Anyways, Abby, your mom was the same way when she was a teen I don’t remember because I wasn’t born yet but I read matthew older log with pasta they got into a huge fight when she was a teen. It will pass and you will see he has always had your best interest at heart.

Yeah! I got my phone taken away in class today because of you! I was trying to feed you and the teacher caught me so she walked over luckily I also had my phone in my hand so I gave it up to keep you.

Abby: So!

Kiki: Abby that is supposed to tell you he values you more than all the friends he texts and stuff you dummy!

Kiki, I know what you meant but please don’t call her a dummy she is very smart. I know you were trying to make a point and you were probably just kidding but don’t do it I don’t want you two to start fighting. Not today No fighting on my log today.

Kiki: Oh yeah Sorry! I did not mean it in a mean way.

I know your never rude but sometimes things get misinterpreted on the internet. I don’t want people to think bad things about you.

Kiki: Okay cool! you were protecting my image I get it.

Anyways. Time for the pic of Kiki(old probably taken yesterday) here you go!

Ok Bye Now!

Kiki: bye!

Abby: bye!

Edit: I am also Logging here. Same Tama’s different Banter if you like this, Be sure to check this other link out. Also it has some of my older logs too, it even has Abby’s mama’s log there!  Now this is a joint log so there will be others too. My username on TamaTalk is xxKuchipatchixx, as most of my followers know cuz there are my friends I asked them to follow me and I met them via TamaTalk, anyways here is the link. Link: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/180753-the-awesome-tamachat-log/page__hl__+awesome%20+tamachat__st__60

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