xxKuchi's Log
Hello Guys… My first Post!

Hello Tumblr! I am new Here I am xxKuchipatchixx of TamaTalk. I like Tamagotchis and here I will post updates about there growth and things that happen to them as well as well as an odd talk with me and the tamagotchi I am growing. My Tamagotchi collection is small here is is:

 My Tamagotchi Collection

As you can see I only have 7(not anywhere near as much as others have). I have 1 Tamago(Giant one on the top) One v4 which Glows in the dark (White one with green lines with a green ball antenna, 2 V4.5’s (one with flames the other is green with brown buttons. The V4.5’s have star antennas) One music star (Modded I bought it used with it’s sound broken, I soldered on some new sound wires and spray painted it silver now it works fine and I love it!) 1 V3 (Green with the flowers It was the only one I could find), and finally 1 Tamagotchi Angel Blue Us version (it is the silver one with wings on it. Anyways I am currently running the Music star and the tamago. Thanks for reading My first Blog post!

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