xxKuchi's Log
(Yesterdays Post posting it late)

Ok so not much happened only one of them has evolved today, due to an issue that happened yesterday that I will get into in a minute. Sam evolved into a Piroriroritchi. I love those tamas xD. I don’t feel like posting stats now so I’m not going to right now I will later, Maybe when Krissy evolves, I will do it. Anyways I wonder if Sam and Krissy has anything to say?
Sam: I do!
Krissy: So do I!
Ok cool. I really should tell the audience about why you haven’t evolved yet Krissy.
Krissy: Ok Go ahead.
Sam: My battery died, and he didn’t want one to be older than the other so he pushed the restart button on krissy so we would be the same age.
-_- Yeah I didn’t know it saved right when the battery died. So then Sam got older than Krissy. I have been keeping her up later so she will grow more but it will take a while. Maybe tonight I will stay up late with her on so she can stay up.
Krissy: Sounds good :)
Sam: OH! Will you be playing Pokemon Conquest!
Yup. I need to train my people so I can beat Nene. It pisses me off with her your naughty. I’m like shut the heck up lol. I got so close too last time. that darn spiritbomb caused issues though. My normal type pokemon couldn’t attack him, I had two of those, My Psychic Pokemon could not attack him, I had two of those, and My Prinplup and Ryperior were poisoned. That darn Spiritbomb sat on the last darn flag, for the rest of the remaining turns. I need to train my Sandile or something so I can beat him. Maybe I’ll train my Drilbur instead he knows dig.
Sam: Can I stay up and watch too!
Sam what would be the point of that? I am trying to make krissy be the same age as you…
Sam: Oh lol sorry not paying attention can I watch then sometime before that?
Sounds good. You know what I might do also?
Sam: What?
I might just put you too bed early like umm 7 hours early since that is how much older than Krissy you are so you wil all be the same age by tomorrow.
Sam: Better put me to bed now then…
Krissy: YEY we will be the same age finally.
Yup will do anyways bye guys.
Krissy: Bye
Sam: Bye
Edit: Sam and Krissy both evolved into the same things a Piroriroritchi. Lol they look alike now. No stats Tonight But I will post them tomorrow. Ok bye. 

Tumblr Edit: I really don’t know why I even post these its not like I have any followers.

9th Tamagotchi Celebration log.

Ok I accidentally confused the dates and started my V3’s early so Here I am logging early! Anywho I started up my v3’s and the result was one baby girl and one baby boy. Unfortunately I had to

restart the tama due to the parent not leaving last night(Which I found odd) and I really wanted to take part in the v3 hatch so I uhh I reset it. It was only on generation one anyways loool. SO I started my New v3 as well as my old one. My new one I just clicked download the last generation went all the way to 7G’s so I decided to keep that one there. Can’t let 7 generations go to waste.So Now I have a two a baby boy and a baby girl. The girl’s name is Krissy she is a child right now, and the boy’s name is Sam I didn’t name him btw, but I like the name. Anyways I took pics as anyone should do in a celebratory log. Now here will be stats, and pics :D . Btw if you could leave feedback on my log I would really love that, you know just to make sure people actually read it. Also if you want to you can PM me tips on how to make my log better. I seriously would love both of those things. :D Ok I seriously need to get to the stats now.
Hungry: full
Happy: full
Training: 1 point
Age: 0
Weight:10 lbs
Generation: 7G
Posted Image
Posted Image
Hungry: 2 out of 4
Happy: 3 out of 4
Training: 1 point
Age: 0
Weight: 10lbs
Generation: 1G
Posted Image
Posted Image
Ok I need to feed and work on Krissy will do that as soon as I’m done logging.
Krissy: Hello TamaTalk, Tumblr. Matt won’t this be posted at both places?
Umm Yes it will that is why I am adding your name in front cuz on Tumblr you can’t add colors to your posts.
Sam: I knew it.
Krissy: Oh ok cool. This is weird, I have never been online before.
Sam: You better get used to it your whole life will be logged online.
Krissy: Wow.. thats weird.
Yes yes it is. I would die if my whole life was logged… which is why I don’t keep a journal or diary or whatever.
Sam: Uh huh okay can we talk about Hetalia instead.
Krissy: I like hetalia but I don’t think we should talk about that now.
You have only seen one episode of Hetalia you barely know anyone!
Sam: Ptchh Still that doesn’t mean we cant talk about it
Not now. Guess what!
Sam: Chicken Butt! You know why…
Krissy: Your so immature! You know why cuz your butts dry yeah yeah yeah.

**mumbles to himself “I was just gonna say that we are having a nice lovely dinner later tonight while watching hetalia and maybe even eating scones”**
Sam: Shup up Krissy! I was just Joking around!
Ok calm down. xD really.
Krissy: **Throws an apple at Sam**
Sam: **Throws England’s scone at Krissy**
Krissy: EWWW! It’s Petrified couch stuffing!
LOL! No that is the twats scones it was a recipe passed down from his “mumzy”?
Krissy: o.o that is a scone…
Sam: I thought it was petrified couch stuffing too… that’s why I threw it
Ok Now I should go before I get a call from Funimation saying “Hey your ripping us off in your log” Whuut! anyways bye guys.
Sam: Bye Tamatalk/Tumblr
Krissy: Adios Tamatalk and Tumblr see you tomorrow. **Throws Englands scone back at Sam**
Hey! stop fighting… What am I gonna do with you two, Anyways bye guys.
Edit: I had to edit this because I got so distracted with Sam, and Krissy’s banter I forgot to add the pictures xD
Krissy: That’s because Sam is annoying!
Sam: NU UH! Krissy you are annoying because I’m rubber and your glue anything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.
Krissy: Where did you find that comeback the 80’s
CUT IT OUT! Seriously stop fighting Pictures now I added some under the stats log for them. one as a baby then one as a child I will add the pictures I took of the together under this.
Posted Image
Posted Image
New Posting :D

I am gonna post this summer on the 25th of June to celebrate the newest editions to my collection(I got two new tamas). Anywho see you then :D

Check out the Details here: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/181314-xxkuchis-ninth-tamagotchi-aniversary-tama-log/



Still haven’t posted >:(

*is angry at me* Ok imma have to quit for a while. Been busy with stuff lately. Maybe later on in the summer I will post.

Okay bye

Sorry for not posting in a while :( I have been busy. Last night Kiki left me with a wonderful baby boy I named Adam after the lead singer in one of my favorite bands(Maroon 5). I skipped school today because Wednesday is our last day and I don’t have any homework this week. So I will be able to care for him full time now. I hope Kiki is doing the Yes Dance in Heaven with Pasta. Anyways Adam is fine he is a Kuchitamatchi. And as far as Abbigail goes nothing to report. Married to a Tarakotchi(I wish it was Feliks) No baby yet but shes expecting. She has not told me she is pregers yet but I can tell because she has a baby bump. Yep thats it sorry for no updating in a few days No pics today.

Adam:Hello! I am Adam

Yes this is adam. anyways we really need to go


Log Post #3

Pretty much no news for today. The only news I have is Kiki related. Sorry I didn’t post till almost midnight I have been really busy today. Also before I continue with my Log I have one thing for Bandai. I sent them an email they never responded so I will let out some of my silent anger with this a meme.

Ughh! It has been down for days now and Bandai hasn’t answered my email. Fak you Bandai! I love your products but hate your company! So now time for statuses.



Sex: Female

Weight: 25 lbs

Age: 5 years

Hungry and Happy are full

Stress: 04

Generation: 1G

All the stats are maxed out at 999

Type of music: Hip Hop

Money: 20,474,670


Hip Hop Music

Rank: Still 1st

Fans: It dropped alot 199,688,374

Daniel (KuroMametchi) Piano

Dino: (Robotchi) Wild Guitar

Kiki: (Mimitchi) Karaoke Machine

Married: No

She got two Marrige proposals today one was from a Tarakotchi and the other was from a Togetchi… Kiki said no to both! Idk why.

Kiki: I told you they weren’t my type!

Yeah right someone is really into Daniel!

Kiki: I AM NOT!!!

Abby: You are….

Ok Now for Abby’s stats


Weight: 20lbs

Age: 3

Generation: 2G

Hungry and Happy are at both 4 out of 5 hearts full.

Training hasn’t changed

Friendship is still full

Character: Kunoitchi

Abby: Kiki what is up Both of them were Lovely guys I would have married both of them why did you not marry them?

Kiki: I told you they are not my type

Abby: Strong Handsome family men who are rich and love you for you are not your type?

Kiki: No it’s not those things…

It’s the fact they are not Daniel! Kiki Just Ask him out already Get on with your life!

Kiki: IT’S NOT THAT, and also He should ask me out I am the Lady.

Abby: You know both of your band member like you. Daniel is not the type of guy to go after a girl his friend likes. Unless he is sure that the girl likes him back.

Wow how smart of you to notice Abby was that just an observation!

Abby: Yup.

Well it is correct Kiki you know she is right remember that snobby girl in your class. I believe her name was Marcell, Remember her. Daniel and her always had an unwritten thing but then Dino revealed to Daniel he liked her and Daniel dropped everything until Marcell came up to him and told him she liked him.

Kiki: Dino Doesn’t like me! He doesn’t like anybody, he just likes playing the field. Also is that why the two stopped talking for at least a month.

Yes I had to fix things by saying they had always liked each other those two I said there was always an unwritten rule between them, and Dino realized he just stumbled across the wrong person. Anyways I would be damned if Daniel didn’t know he likes you! Tell him Dino will understand unfortunately Dino seems to stumble across these situations.

Kiki: I cannot say that cuz I do not like him

Abby: TELL HIM!?! I bet if you say nothing Dino will ask and not Daniel. At that point Daniel might never even ask! Maybe he learned his lesson from last time Tell him if you love him. Another thing you need to admit it to us.

Kiki: I can not admit to that I do not like him.

Oh save it for later anyways we should let the audience go

Kiki: Awbye!

Abby: awbye!

Bye guys

Log Post #2

Hello Fellow Tumblers!

   How are all of you today! Good, I hope, Anyways I do have some news today weird News… Ok so Abby evolved/grew into something you’d never believe I was shocked when I saw. A Kunoitchi No pictures I took one but it came out really bad. So here is a picture of one on Wiki.

A kunoitchi See she is like a female Gozarutchi! I still don’t understand why she turned into this as she is a HORRIBLE care character! WHY!?!? I never get bad care character her mom was a Lovelitchi. A LOVELITCHI! The Perfect Care character! Anyways Kiki is still Kiki. I am thinking about changing Kiki into a Dazzilitchi girl. Probably not gonna happen though TamaTown is down AGAIN! It always goes down -_- . Anyways Stats now.



Age: 4 years

Weight: 25 lbs

Sex: Female

Stress: 20 (Will work on getting that down later)

Hungry: 4 out of 4 full

Happy:4 out of 4 full

All stats maxed out at 999

Music: Pop Music

Money: $10,500,000 Points!


Daniel: Piano (KuroMametchi)

Dino: Wild Guitar (Robotchi)

Kiki: Karaoke Machine (Mimitchi)

Rank: First!!!

Fans: 223,946,205 fans!

Kiki: Oh Yeah I am Rich and Famous! Kinda like Brook! Brook, if your reading this, we should go on TamaTown later when it is working again and meet. We can hang out now cuz we are both Very Rich and Very Famous!

Settle Down Kiki it could all go away one day. Remember where you came from.

Kiki: Ok :(


Age: 2 years

Weight: 20lbs

Generation: 2G

Hungry and happy full at 5 out of 5 hearts full

Training: 11

Friendship: full 6 out of 6 hearts

Character: Kunoitchi

Ok now it is Time for the Banter!

Kiki: Hello All of you **puts on Rich and Famous Face**

Abby: i don’t like Kiki all that much anymore ever since she got rich and famous she changed….

I know right I don’t either. Kiki seriously cut it out!

Kiki: As a very wise tama once said “Don’t Question the rich and famous” By Brook

Oh NOO! Did she just quote Brook?!?

Abby: I think she did…. Kiki Snap out of it

Oh no she caught the Rich and Famous Disease it makes them act like they are better than everybody else… There is only one cure!

China I choose you! use Wok Attack! **Smacks Kiki with a Wok**

**Kiki passes out**

Sorry Kiki I love you! Anyways She will be fine tomorrow she will have a bump and not know why but she will be back to normal.

Abby: That’s good.

Yeah so now Kiki is gone…

Abby: Thats Ok Lets go on TamaTown!

I thought I told you Oh well. It isn’t working, It closed down again.

Abby: But… I want to put on some awesome clothes…

Sorry Abbigail You are gonna have to wait.

Abby: Aww Ok. What About Hetalia?

Ok sure Anyways we should let them Go bye!

Abby: bye!

Log Post #1 (Music star and Tamago)

Hello tumblr. This is my first log post! I hope you guys like it. Anyways, Kiki My music star is now super famous! She has a first rank musical performance and about 103 million+ fans. So proud xDDD. My tamago also turned into Mikazukitchi, Which is an Ok care character. Normally I get good care characters but I kinda neglected her as a baby. She isn’t at the weight I’d like her to be at(I like to keep them at there base weight). Anyways Oh well this one has a moon head. Pic below:

MikazukitchiSee aw how awesome is she! Sorry for no actual pictures I have a report due so I had school today and then a report due so I had to do that which means no log time -_- . It also means I neglect my tamas more but that is irrelevant. Now Time for there stats( will give you an old picture of kiki).

Abby: (Tamago)

Sex: Female

Age:1 Year old

Weight:35 lbs (10 lbs overweight)

Generation: 2G

Hungry: 5 out of 5 hearts full

Happy: 3 out of 5 hearts full

Training: about 12

Friendship: full 6 out of 6 hearts full

Character: Mikazukitchi (Ok care character)

Kiki:(music star)


Sex: 4 years old

Weight: 25lbs(0 lbs overweight)

Hungry: 4 out of 4 hearts full

Happy:4 out of 4 hearts full

Stress: 08

All stats maxed out(AKA tone, rythem, original, Maxed out at 999)

Music Played: Pop Music (Thank Gawd! she used to play Latin music. Nothing wrong with Latin music I just wanted her to play something else)

Character: Mimitchi (Good care character)

Generation: 1G


Name: Flakers (Inside Joke only Tamachat friends and my best friend irl get it)


Kiki (Mimitchi) ~ Lead Singer

Daniel (KuroMametchi) ~ Plays the Piano

Dino (Robotchi) ~ Plays the Wild Guitar

Rank: 1st!

Fans:103,628,277 (used to be like 603 million but it dropped ,oddly enough, after our last concert)

I think daniel likes her. I saw though it ever since he was a kikitchi!

Kiki: Yeah, right we are Just friends!

Uh huh sure. Just like all my female tamas they all fall in love with a Kuro mametchi. Abby’s mom wanted to marry one. She went on a date with him according to her it was awesome but it never worked out… wonder why. Anyways Abby was totally drooling over that Monpatchi at the park the other day.

Abby: YOU WATCHED ME AT THE PARK! I am 1 years old I am not 0 anymore or a child you do not have to baby me anymore!

You are still a teenager I need to watch out for you otherwise you will end up a bad care character, doing drugs or something or having a baby as a teen

Kiki: aww the teenager stages… I was a good teenager, Right Matt.

Yup you were awesome. Not defiant, understanding You know what! special dinner tonight for you!

Kiki: Yes! Anyways, Abby, your mom was the same way when she was a teen I don’t remember because I wasn’t born yet but I read matthew older log with pasta they got into a huge fight when she was a teen. It will pass and you will see he has always had your best interest at heart.

Yeah! I got my phone taken away in class today because of you! I was trying to feed you and the teacher caught me so she walked over luckily I also had my phone in my hand so I gave it up to keep you.

Abby: So!

Kiki: Abby that is supposed to tell you he values you more than all the friends he texts and stuff you dummy!

Kiki, I know what you meant but please don’t call her a dummy she is very smart. I know you were trying to make a point and you were probably just kidding but don’t do it I don’t want you two to start fighting. Not today No fighting on my log today.

Kiki: Oh yeah Sorry! I did not mean it in a mean way.

I know your never rude but sometimes things get misinterpreted on the internet. I don’t want people to think bad things about you.

Kiki: Okay cool! you were protecting my image I get it.

Anyways. Time for the pic of Kiki(old probably taken yesterday) here you go!

Ok Bye Now!

Kiki: bye!

Abby: bye!

Edit: I am also Logging here. Same Tama’s different Banter if you like this, Be sure to check this other link out. Also it has some of my older logs too, it even has Abby’s mama’s log there!  Now this is a joint log so there will be others too. My username on TamaTalk is xxKuchipatchixx, as most of my followers know cuz there are my friends I asked them to follow me and I met them via TamaTalk, anyways here is the link. Link: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/180753-the-awesome-tamachat-log/page__hl__+awesome%20+tamachat__st__60

Hello Guys… My first Post!

Hello Tumblr! I am new Here I am xxKuchipatchixx of TamaTalk. I like Tamagotchis and here I will post updates about there growth and things that happen to them as well as well as an odd talk with me and the tamagotchi I am growing. My Tamagotchi collection is small here is is:

 My Tamagotchi Collection

As you can see I only have 7(not anywhere near as much as others have). I have 1 Tamago(Giant one on the top) One v4 which Glows in the dark (White one with green lines with a green ball antenna, 2 V4.5’s (one with flames the other is green with brown buttons. The V4.5’s have star antennas) One music star (Modded I bought it used with it’s sound broken, I soldered on some new sound wires and spray painted it silver now it works fine and I love it!) 1 V3 (Green with the flowers It was the only one I could find), and finally 1 Tamagotchi Angel Blue Us version (it is the silver one with wings on it. Anyways I am currently running the Music star and the tamago. Thanks for reading My first Blog post!